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Chung Fai Leather Enterprise Company was established in 1989, which is located at Huiyang zone, Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China. It is one of the manufacturers leading snake skin industry in the region. Since snake skin is being an iconic material in the universal fashion trend nowadays, different types of snake skins with high qualities are offered and required in order to comply with the fashion trend and what the customers desire. Our products are mainly exported to South East Asia, US, Europe, etc.

There are many types of skins portfolio that we offer, inclusive of Elaphe Radiata, Elaphe Carinata, Whips, Karung Water Snake, Water Snake, White Flower, Sea Snake and Macropisthodon Rudis etc. These skins are available in back-cut, belly-cut, with various delications such as Glazed Aniline colours, pastel, pearlized, metallic, waxy, semi-matte, natural prints, python prints, animal prints and so on. Besides snake skin, we produce fish skins (tilapia) as well. We try to develop new designs and collections incessantly within these few years, such as snake skins woven, panels, bangles and other accessories. For details, please visit our webpage.

Due to our strict request in the quality of the products, they are exactly suitable for making shoes, handbags, leather garments, wallets, purses, belts, watchstraps and other accessories. Some well-known brands are also highly interested in our snake skins for their collections.

High production efficiency with an illustrious quality is the key way to make us achieve a success in today’s competitive market. Furthermore, we strongly believe that being responsible and passion to our customers is the pivotal way to build up their confidence. In virtue of our strict adherence to the tenet, we are in a good relationship with many clients and gain our precious goodwill simultaneously.

Do not hesitate to view our website and contact us in order to find out what you need. It is our high pleasure to provide you some professional advices for your reference.